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Burn The Keyboard

Burn The Keyboard is a workshop concept.

Most digital experiences are confined to keyboard, mouse and gamepad, or with complicated and expensive electronics. In this workshop, you will find out how remarkably easy it is to build something physical, that can interact with games and all other interactive jazz. With inexpensive raw materials like arcade buttons, joysticks, duct tape and cardboard, together we will create three custom controller installations that will be exhibited for the rest of the festival. After an introduction and a short talk about existing projects, you’ll get to designing and building something unique, and the workshop hosts will be there to help you out when things get too technical. Let’s build a racecar, a joystick-cowboy-hat, maybe just the world’s largest joystick,… or whatever we come up with.

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>> workshop took place at A-MAZE Festival, Berlin 2014
>> workshop took plate at Playful Arts Festival, Den Bosch 2014
>> workshop took place at A-MAZE Johannesburg Festival, Johannesburg 2014