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Hi ✋! I'm Joon, an independent game designer.

👉Jonatan Van Hove is my full name
🏔living in Reykjavík
🕹️game designer
🎙️public speaker
🤷event organizer
🔥 @joonturbo



  • I released NUTS on a Steam, Switch, and Apple Arcade!
  • I consulted on a game called INUA
  • I'm teaching creative programming at the Iceland University of the Arts
  • And I'm working on an unannounced new game!
Last updated on Aug 22, 2021

🕹 Works & Projects

From 2013 until 2017, I worked for Glitchnap, a game development studio which I co-founded with 2 others. Since 2018 I've been consulting independently and working on my solo debut.

Personal projects and collaborations:

With Glitchnap, I designed and developed multiple commercial titles both original and client work:

Game jams and small projects:

And also

🔨Installation Art

Personal projects and collaborations:


I co-founded Isle of Games in Iceland, and we've organized a few events.

  • Art + Games workshop
  • Isle of Games 001

I was one of the core organizers of the Screenshake festival, from 2013 until 2017.

And also

  • Since 2017, I've been a member of the Summit Advisory board of GDC, for the Independent Games Summit.
  • I was an active member of the Copenhagen Game Collective, from 2012 until 2017 where I mostly worked on the Nordic Game Indie Night contest and showcase (now Yonderplay).
  • A Maze. 2014 inspired me a lot and I wrote a blog post about it.

🎙️Talks & Workshops

🎓 Since 2017, I teach Game Design & Development at Reykjavik University.

💬 Talks — Where I try to get a point across

    • 2018, Isle of Games workshop, Reykjavík, IS
  • TEDx: Breaking the game
    • 2017, TEDx: Reykjavik, Reykjavík, IS
  • The Role of Games in Society
    • 2016, Icelandic Games Industry meetup, Reykjavík, IS
    • 2016, The Travelling Embassy of Rockall, Reykjavík, IS
    • 2016, (abridged), A-MAZE festival, Johannesburg, SA
  • Transgressive play (Pecha Kucha)
    • 2015, Spilbar, Copenhagen, DK
    • 2015, A-MAZE festival, Johannesburg, SA
  • The Portal Goes Both Ways
    • 2014, w00t, Copenhagen, DK
  • The Artist is Present Speedrun
    • 2014, A-MAZE festival, Berlin, DE
  • Pop-Up Arcade: Postmortems on Indie Arcades and Events
    • 2013, GDCE, Cologne, DE

👨‍🏫 Lectures — Where I mostly talk about something I learned or did

  • How I got started in games
    • 2016, Icelandic Games Industry meetup, Reykjavík, IS
    • 2016, The Travelling Embassy of Rockall, Reykjavík, IS
    • 2016, (abridged), A-MAZE festival, Johannesburg, SA
    • 2014, Spilbar Aalborg, Aalborg, DK
    • 2013, Bermuda Kickoff, Aalborg, DK
  • Local Multiplayer games
    • 2014, JOIN, Berlin, DE
    • 2014, Select Start Play, Viborg, DK
  • Custom controllers
    • 2014, Zoo Machines, Lille, FR

🔧 Workshops

  • Burn The Keyboard
    • 2017, Creative Coast Festival, Karlshamn, SE
    • 2017, Nordic Game Jam, Copenhagen, DK
    • 2016, Indiecade Europe, Paris, FR
    • 2016, 2015, 2014 A-MAZE festival, Johannesburg, SA
    • 2015, GLASS: GameLab Summer School CRI, Paris, FR
    • 2015, Friday Late @ V&A, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
    • 2014, Playful Arts Festival, Den Bosch, NL
    • 2014, A-MAZE festival, Berlin, DE

🎤 I've also hosted some conferences and showcases.

  • Masterclass With Colin & Sarah Northway
    • 2018 A MAZE., Berlin, DE
  • IndieCade Europe Award Show (with the Copenhagen Game Collective)
    • 2016, 2017 IndieCade Europe, Paris, FR
  • Tech Toolbox
    • 2015-2017 GDC, San Francisco, US
  • European Innovative Games Showcase
    • 2014-2016 GDC Europe, Cologne, DE
  • Lyst Summit
    • 2015, Helsinki, FI
  • Nordic Game Indie Night
    • 2015, 2016 Malmö, SE


Occassionally I've written articles, blog posts. I've tried to gather or re-publish some here.

I also archive projects of longer duration here.

📜 Full Project List

I intend to keep an ongoing archive of big and small projects I've done or been involved in, but it will take some time to collect all my past projects in one place. Please notify me if you see any broken links.
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